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Want to quit smoking? Try vaping instead!

Posted by Timmy on

Want to quit smoking?

In Europe, an estimated 6.1 and 9.2 million EU citizens have quit or reduced smoking with the help of e-cigarettes, respectively[1]. That’s a staggering 15.3 million people vaping or over 61% of the entire Australian population!

With over 2.5 million Australians smoking on a daily basis, and more than 200,000 smoking irregularly[2], the application of the UK study alone could positively affect or even save the lives of over 1.6 million Australians.

For those wanting to quit smoking or at least cut down their habit, switching to vaping is a good start!

Here are a few tips for curbing your cigarette habit and moving to vaping

Change the ‘hand to mouth’ habit

One of the hardest things to quit as a smoker is the habitual motion and enjoyment of the hand to mouth of a cigarette, however, as vaping has an almost identical process, you can enjoy the process without the harmful carcinogenic chemicals. So rest assured, you can still duck out for the ‘smoko’ if you want, you’re just doing a fraction of the damage to your body.


Get a prescription from your doctor

While cigarettes are legal and contain nicotine, purchasing vaping liquid that contains nicotine needs a prescription from your GP before you get started – which is how some of the 250,000 vapers[3] in Australia have started the process of kicking smoking.

Although the purchase of concentrated nicotine is allowed for possession of a 3 month personal use supply per order. This can be purchased at many various websites outside of Australia and arrive to your door in only a couple of business days, please contact us for details or visit us in store. 

Slowly phasing out your nicotine addition using vaping liquid will help you to gradually decrease your dependence without going cold turkey. Your doctor or health professional can also provide you with a range of other methods to assist you in phasing out cigarettes, so speak with them about vaping as an alternative.


Find a flavour to spice things up

With a wide range of flavours available, you can find a vaping option that suits you. There may be some that complement a particular food or drink you like or that is similar to the cigarette that you have been enjoying for many years. All designed to make it easier for you to try vaping to quit smoking.


Ready start vaping? Speak to the experts and get the right advice

If you’re on a quest to kick your cigarette habit and are ready to transition to being smoke-free through vaping, speak with experts such as Mister Devices Vape Lounge located in Newcastle NSW, 92 Beaumont St Hamilton.

With an extensive range of quality electronic cigarettes, pens, batteries and vaping hardware, we offer plenty of great options to help consumers find an alternative to smoking cigarettes so they can get on the road to kicking the tobacco habit once and for all.   





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