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80V eLiquid

Once upon a time there was a troll named John.  John lived in the kingdom of Cassadaga, a land ruled by the evil Queen Snookie.  He was relatively happy there, though.  Cassadaga was famous for its many lovely bridges, and John was a troll, after all.

One day while mixing in his lab, he discovered a recipe for a Cannoli flavored e-liquid.  News of his amazing creation spread quickly even beyond the walls of Jerseyvania, and happened to cross the desk of his old friend and fellow scientist Steve of Beantown.  

Steve asked John to move to the land of Beantown so they could combine their talents and create even more amazing e-liquids together.  After a bit of convincing and a trip to view its lovely bridges, John moved to the beautiful shores of Beantown.

The two scientists have been collaborating on amazing, new e-liquid creations ever since, with 80V e-liquids being the first results of their combined efforts.



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