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Unleash the ultimate herbal experience with the Vexil Herbal Vaporizer by Boundless Technology. This innovative vaporizer combines precision heating with a portable design, offering an exceptional performance that takes your herbal sessions to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned herbal enthusiast or new to the world of vaporization, the Vexil Herbal Vaporizer promises an elevated journey through the essence of your favorite herbs. Elevate your herbal experience with a vaporizer that's designed to deliver purity, flavor, and convenience in every session. Explore the difference today and discover a new dimension of herbal satisfaction with the Vexil Herbal Vaporizer by Boundless Technology.

Cooling Airpath: The Vexil's mouthpiece is unique due to the zirconia cooling element. The mouthpiece enhances the Boundless experience so that you never have to worry about overheating your sesh again!

Portable and Pocket Friendly: The Vexil was created with both affordability and portability in mind making it the perfect herbal vaporizer for any consumer's sesh adventures. 

4 Preset Temperatures: Whether you're a beginner or a well-seasoned connoisseur, the Vexil makes it easy to sesh with four temperature settings. The temperature settings include 360ºF/182ºF (Green), 380ºF/193ºF (Purple), 400ºF/204ºC (Blue), and 420ºF/215ºC (Red) so you can consume your choice of herb at an array of our favourite temperatures. 

High-Grade Materials: Built for portability and reliability, the Vexil features a metal casing and a non-combustion heating technology to ensure you get the most out of your product. 

USB C: Vexil comes with one USB-C Charging cable

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