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Vegetable Glycerin - VG - 500ML

Vegetable Glycerin - VG - 500ML

  • $15.00

Craft your own customized e-liquids with the premium quality of Vegetable Glycerin 500ML. This versatile ingredient is an essential component for DIY vapers, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. Whether you're aiming for rich clouds or enhanced flavor, Vegetable Glycerin provides the foundation for your creative vaping experiments. Elevate your vape experience by experimenting with different VG ratios and crafting e-liquids that reflect your unique tastes. Explore the world of vaping DIY and embrace the satisfaction of creating blends that suit your palate perfectly. Elevate your e-liquid crafting game with Vegetable Glycerin 500ML and embark on a journey of flavor and creativity.

Mister Devices is providing high quality Refined Vegetable Glycerine 99.5% USP Grade.

500ML Base for mixing DIY Flavourings.

We recommend a 70% VG - 30% PG Mix. 

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